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We offer a personalised email platform for companies and business owners across Nigeria, it enable you lunch heavy online marketing campaign for your business, it has the capacity to send up to 1,000,000 emails at once “UNLIMITED EMAIL LIST UPLOAD”. This platform comes with “email verifier software that helps to clean up your list of bounces and blacklist emails, giving you a clean verified email database. It enable you the opportunity to retarget unique opens and unique clicks contacts for greater marketing result. Email credits are sold at N0.50 kobo per unit. N0.35 kobo per unit when you buy up to 1,000,000 units. Come on and experience the best bulk email marketing & campaign solution. . Read More

Our categorized email database:

Email database of Companies
Email database of Govt Inst/ Organisations
Email database of Business Owners
Email database of Bank staffs/ Bank customers
Email database of Young professionals/ Graduates
Email database of civil servants/ public servants (Gen)
Email database of oil & gas coy's/ workers
Email database of senior professionals
Email database of Lagos state professionals
Email database of businesses/ Individuals
Email database of Young entreprenure
Email database of Major Online Stores customer's
Email database of MD's, Mangers, HR's & high Networth
Email database of potential exporters/ importers
Email database of SMEs/GSM numbers
General email database of Nigerians

30 Direct contacts of current Senators from South-South and South East- Verified. We have over 70 million Nationwide INEC categorized GSM database of Adults, the actual quantities of GSM numbers in each Polling unit, Wards, LGA’s, and states across Nigeria. Why don’t you call inn today, to secure some portion of our database for marketing & promotion of your business. Owners datas: First name, last name, Gender, Age & Occupation.


GSM numbers of all BUSINESS men & women in Lagos, this include "Bankers, CEOs, MDs, Managers & HRs of companies
GSM numbers of all TRADER'S in Lagos, this include Importers, Whole Sellers, Retailers & all buyers & Sellers in Lagos.
GSM numbers of all Civil servants in Lagos.
GSM numbers of all Public servants in Lagos.
GSM numbers of all adult Student's 20-40yrs in Lagos.
GSM numbers of all House wives in Lagos.
GSM numbers of only women from 20yrs and above in Lagos.
GSM numbers of only men from 20yrs and above in Lagos.
GSM numbers of all Artisans in Lagos.

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This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. +2348183063319

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