ADSALVIN NETWORK SERVICES enable corporate organisations, government and non-governmental organisations, political figures, institutions, high profile businesses and individuals that need to get their names, brands, products, services, events, and messages to their target audiences to engage them at home, on the street and in the car with memorable high impact marketing solutions, using the high-tech BILLBOARD Innovation. We offers high-tech, reliable, high-quality alternative to other forms of product launch, Brand activation, marketing campaign, business development on an international scale.

Our billboards are manufactured to the finest specifications.  It is our attention to detail, together with the best engineering and back-up support that enables us to commit to such high standards. To this end, regular photo checks for client records and on-going after sales service are examples of the steps we take to ensure that ADSALVIN NETWORK SERVICES Outdoor Works is associated with "only the best billboards in Nigeria". The billboards are easily recognisable by the consistent use of the corporate branding panels and the numbering system. The choice of our colours is not random, in most countries it merged with the surrounding thus enhancing the visibility of your brand.

ADSALVIN NETWORK SERVICES services, Three critical elements maximise the desired outdoor media results: manufacturing, engineering and maintenance. The structures are made either on location or in the Laboratory. They are manufactured to exacting standards and specifications and are erected and maintained by fully trained and equipped Outdoor Systems contractors and our staffs. These technicians make sure that our clients’ advertising displays are kept in perfect condition. All foundations are thrown with reinforced concrete to the same exacting standards to ensure that the structures withstand the harsh elements weather of Nigeria.

We deliver the highest quality graphics for the visual faces, befitting the brand image of our advertisers. Advertising material is supplied on self-adhesive vinyl or on Flexface®, using state-of-the-art digital printing. "In the highly competitive outdoor advertising environment in Africa, it is essential that our clients’ brands stand out above the clutter

Due to our commitment to the environment we have looked at various ways in which we can reduce our carbon footprint. One of these possibilities was to use alternate energy sources to illuminate our billboards. There are numerous energy sources but the one which is most accessible in Africa is the energy obtained from the sun otherwise known as Solar Energy. We hope to convert a number of our Super signs to Solar, thus ensuring that our customers are not at the mercy of local power outages like the PHCN. While at the same time ensuring that we are all contributing to the sustainability of our environment! ADSALVIN NETWORK SERVICES list of Billboard Types include;

Stand Alone
Mega Site
Wall Drape
Roof Top
Super 48 Sheet
Lightbox etc

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